Why did I choose rom-com?

The film genre that Kyla and I have decided to re-produce in our coursework project is Rom-com. Below are several key points which always feature in movies of this genre in order to create a powerful opening scene, I found these points through doing much research into the genre.

Plot – In every rom-com production, there are certain things which always feature. In the start of the film, two single individuals (who may or may not be connected initially) are struggling in some way with their life, whether it be financially, romanticaly or some other problem that everyday people face, then eventually they meet and fall in love but then something bad happens which causes them to seperate however briefly but they always end up back together for the end of the film.

Characters – There are always two main characters who romantically connect, hence the title ‘ROMANTIC-comedy’.  Both main characters have a best friend/sister/mother/etc. who advises where the relationship should go.

Set – Because rom-coms always have sort of the same storyline and since they set is based off the storyline it is very easy to see what kind of mood there is. For example, If the setting is on beautiful beach following a romantic walk it is highly unlikely the mood will be heatbreaking. Lighting is very important as well in creating the mood of , although it may not be obvious, most films are very sly in exploiting the natural lighting and actually creating it.

Costume – The costumes in rom-com always vary in rom-coms, generally the occupation of the character is the ultimate decider on what the charater wears for the majority of the film.


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