textual analysis

The film genre that Kyla and I have decided to re-produce in our coursework project is Rom-com. Below are several key points which always feature in movies of this genre in order to create a powerful opening scene, I found these points through doing much research into the genre.

Plot – In every rom-com production, there are certain things which always feature. In the start of the film, two single individuals (who may or may not be connected initially) are struggling in some way with their life, whether it be financially, romanticaly or some other problem that everyday people face, then eventually they meet and fall in love but then something bad happens which causes them to seperate however briefly but they always end up back together for the end of the film.

Characters – There are always two main characters who romantically connect, hence the title ‘ROMANTIC-comedy’.  The main character is often funny, attractive and witty and the other is often careful, un-humorous and not as fun as the other.

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Set – The set in rom-com, because it is generally quite funny and upbeat for the most of it, the set it bright and sunny. It is common in romantic comedies to have a number of shots of the love birds walking along a beach, laying in meadows of bright green grass and shots with a view like that of the top of the Empire State Building at night.

Image result for rom com set

Costume – The characters in a romacntic comedy have not any particular dress code, they could be wearing anything from a suit to a mankini.


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