Evaluation #1

I created a 9 shot grid of my film “Young Love”. In the 9 shot grid it includes the setting, characters, shots, and some titles.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 16.33.21.png


The Title of the film: I think that title of my film closely resembles a lot of what my film is about. The title “Young Love” emphasises the stereotype that when young adults go for a night out then you are guarenteed to go home with someone and spend the night together, which in this case is met with hilarity during and on the morning after the night out.

The setting: In my video the setting for my film is very basic. It follows a night out between several people but primarily focussing in on two in particular. We first meet two of our characters when Chris walks to the bar to find Vicky, a friend from college, I used my school’s bar in the Sixth form centre to shoot this scene and used the ceiling lights as overhead lighting.

Following on we see these characters move into the dancefloor space which is darker to represent the fact that they are in a nightclub. There were several scenes that were shot in this setting because it is a very conventient and fitting place to represent that dancefloor in a nightclub. In a later scene we follow Chris and Chloe back to Chris’ studio where they stay the night, this was shot in one of the boarding houses at school as it clearly resembles the sort of accomodation a college student may be living in.

Finally, we meet the entire group for breakfast at a local cafe to talk about the events of the previous night. This scene was shot in my school’s lunch hall as it appears to be a cafe from a particular angle.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 16.22.41

Charcater costumes: In regards to the clothing of my characters I directed them in the first part of the film to be relatively dressed up in smart/casual as any typical people would be on a night out, ready to impress the opposite genders. I feel this dress code was achieved and that they were all appearing to be very steroetypical in their outwear with the girls wearing slightly revealing outfits and the boys looking fit for clubbing. The morning after I subtly thought that it would be a good idea to have Chloe and Chris as if they spent the night together then they would not have brought an overnight bag to the “club” whereas I driected the other actors/actress to wear something different to show the audience that they did not experience the same events as the other two.

Special effects: In my video special effects is not a hugely necessary tool as I have not found my self in any need to tackle my editing of my video with the use of Special effects.

Font and Style: In parts of my video I used a clear font which I thought stood out called ‘Avenir next regular’ with a style of text fading in and out of the picture/scene. I use this style because it is neither edgy nor industrial looking. It has a very simple and comfortable feel and which subtly reinforces the idea of romance.

Story/Narrative: From the very beginning of my storyline I tried to drop hints to people that the characters in my video have a romanitc feel towards each other. I did this through starting my video with two charaters both male and female to show a sexual contrast which contiued throughout. As the storyline continues we see that two of the characters have an eye for each other I showed this by using a wide angle shot of the whole cast but with the two main characters at the front, this results in an evening spent together with several phases of humour.

These final few scenes help highlight my theme of Romantic Comedy, as during the scene in Chris’ room there are several parts where the acting results in humour for the audience. For example, as Chloe reads the line, “Oh my God it’s huge!” she is directly towards a specific part of Chris inferring something else is “huge” followed by a catch phrase from a popular television show which was scripted to amuse a younger audience.


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